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yazan Gülay Savaş

From The Day That Technology Was Born Until Today

My journey from Engineering to Android then from Android to humanity! In the last 30 years in information technology from the computer in DOS mode black screen to Microsoft Hololens Technology; since the birth of the internet to the singularity; from the discovery of the brain to artificial intelligence, from the birth of mobile phones to cyborgs, I am a female engineer who has both witnessed and lived the change and transformation in her heart.

In addition, I am a generation X who have experienced the most beautiful period of the homosapiens human species while humanity is moving towards a singularity, where virtual reality will be experienced rather than reality, where the concepts of men and women will disappear and organic and inorganic life will merge.

The rapid change and transformation that I had witnessed taught to me that in order not to being lost and manage the rapid change and transformation correctly, we should combine engineering with human & organizational psychology, intelligence with artificial intelligence, information- with philosophy, analytical thinking with our imagination, in other words we should look from above and holistically. In other words, nothing happens without first knowing the deep being called human. For that reason you should know for YOURSELF first.

Multidisciplinary Perspective

Therefore, in my business life, in order for companies to be competitive in corporate life, most importantly, in order to continue their existence, should take a look from a multifaceted discipline of artificial intelligence, from a point beyond today’s imagination, creativity, philosophical questioning look, they should have a conversion because of the continually Digital Evolving Culture, I am trying to explain it within my own life mission and to pass on this experience to the next generation.

More importantly, as I have seen in my own individual life, I have become very aware that the modern ego that we have as human beings has to constantly improve itself in the face of post-modernity. Thus, I decided to create a platform to offer these individuals their selves, which individuals who are cornered in the face of postmodernity, can receive help by internalizing, and to transfer my knowledge and experience here.

As individuals, we need to understand that there are beings far beyond human flesh and bone. As Jonah said: “I have become flesh and blood, I appeared as a Jonah”  We need to realize the depth described behind the expression because the rest of it has already copied technology – artificial intelligence with its modeling and in 2045 it will copy the entire human mind with Digital Immortality – with its experiences, it will also copy to the cloud. And what will be left for us people then? Let’s ask ourselves this. Let’s go deeper into our human being and lift the curtains in front of our eyes, our minds. My goal is to approach the future more strategically with thought-provoking, questioning questions and to look at it from a higher level by integrating information technologies with philosophy, mythology, psychology, esotericism and artificial intelligence, and I say:

Technology for human, Not human for technology!

Hangisi ağır basıyor? Zeka mı, Yapay Zeka mı?

What’s My Purpose? What am I trying to explain?

Gulay SAVAS Education Information

  • Graduated from Istanbul Technical University – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (https://mkn.itu.edu.tr/ ) 
  • In 1990, she completed her master’s degree in Mathematical Engineering, Systems Analytics Department of the Faculty of Science and Letters at the same university.
  • In 2000 with her thesis “Recognition of Handwriting Characters with Artificial Neural Networks”, she has received her title; Dr.Eng.

Work Experience

  • She has been a System Analyst at the Faculty of Science and Letters and a lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul University for a total of 13 years. https://www.itu.edu.tr/
  • Technical Coordinator at Gantek Technology Company https://gantek.com/index.php?/tr
  • Product Channel and Corporate Sales Coordinator at Turcom Technology Company https://www.turcom.com.tr/
  • Information Processing, Total Quality and SAP Coordinator at Dystar Company https://www.dystar.com/
  • Consultancy in the E-Devlet Project under the name of “Microsoft Integrated Local Governments Platform” in Microsoft Turkey https://www.microsoft.com/tr-tr
  • Member of the Management Consultants Association and a SME consultant. https://www.ydd.org.tr/
  • Currently, she is working as a freelancer based on mind programming, ”Providing trainings on Individual and Corporate Transformation” and working on a Digital Transformation Roadmap.


  • Digital Transformation Strategist
  • Individual/Corporate Transformation Mentor
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Instructor
  • Human intelligence and mind program expert through the eyes of artificial intelligence

Other Works

Gulay Savas Academy

I wanted to gather all my trainings and seminars that I have shared as a trainer and consultant for about 30 years under one roof. Dozens of  my ”Management” trainings, which are essentially the discipline of mental science and NLP and my trainings for the Artificial Intelligence / Crypto age, you can access the topics and contents of my education that combines technology with psychology, which is essentially “Human”, “Human Mind”, “Human Perception”, no matter how much the subject is technology, management, transformation, and so on, from here. My goal is to tell about the “new mind”, the “new program” that is necessary for us to adapt to these changes along with the changing life and to preserve our human existence and creativity. Gulaysavasakademi

Individual Development Basket

On the Individual Development Basket site, I wanted to share people with their dimensions, especially within the framework of a holistic approach to people. I wanted to underline that human is a multidimensional being and in fact, each dimension works separately, has separate functions. In the section I called the solution basket, I wanted to explain that essentially every problem and problem we experience are problems of our different dimensions, and I wanted to collect in a matrix that there are separate methods that solve our problems in each dimension. In other words, as an information technology engineer, I also approached the person systematically and matched each concept mentioned as an individual development training / method with the relevant layer. In doing so, I also received support from the work of Regulatory medicine specialists. Bireysel Gelişim Sepeti

Certificates and Documents

Bitirme Tezi

Lisans Bitirme Tezi

Master Tezi

Yüksek Lisans Tezi


Doktora Tezi

Yapay Sinir Ağları İle El Yazısı Karakterlerinin Tanınması Doktora Tezi (1999)

Yönetim Danışmanları Derneği

Mesleki Beceri Geliştirme Semineri

Yönetim Danışmanlığında Etik Kurallar

Danışmanlıkta Etik

Kobi Danışmanlığı Sertifikası

Kobi Danışmanlığı


Kadın Girişimciler Derneği

Yaşam Okulu

Yaşam Okulu

Yaşam Koçluğu Sertifikası

Yaşam Koçluğu

NLP Sertifikası


Yaratıcı Drama ve Oyunculuk

Yaratıcı Drama ve Oyunculuk



Hikaye Anlatıcılığı

Hikaye Anlatıcılığı

Beyinden Beyine Satış

Beyinden Beyine Satış

Kagider İşimi Kuruyorum

İşimi Kuruyorum

ISO egitimi

Kuruluş İçi Kalite Tetkiki

Kalite Yönetim Sistemi

Kalite Yönetim Sistemi

Optimum Denge Modeli

Optimum Denge Modeli

Sun Solaris

Sun Solaris System Administratration I


Sun Solaris System Administratration II

Sun Certification

Sun Solaris System Certification

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